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HeartFlow Introduces Next Generation Platform
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - June 23, 2016 - HeartFlow, Inc., a personalized medical
technology company seeking to transform the way cardiovascular disease is diagnosed
and treated, announced today that it is launching its next generation of the HeartFlow®
FFRct Analysis. The result of years of development, the next generation platform
includes major advancements in the process and algorithms HeartFlow uses to
calculate FFRct values.
These technology advancements resulted in the second FDA clearance for HeartFlow’s
technology. The company will introduce the next generation platform to new and
existing customers in the coming weeks.
Major enhancements of the new platform include:
● Advanced algorithms and streamlined case processing, which will provide the
HeartFlow Analysis results to clinicians more quickly;
● Cloud-based infrastructure utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS), to ensure that
delivery of the HeartFlow service is more secure, robust and scalable; and
● Increased security measures to address the needs of healthcare institutions
“This is a major milestone for HeartFlow and a crucial advancement as we see
increasing adoption of the HeartFlow Analysis around the world,” said John H. Stevens,
M.D., chairman and CEO of HeartFlow. “With this next generation platform, HeartFlow
will be able to deliver results more quickly and securely to the growing number of
physicians using the HeartFlow Analysis to aid in the diagnosis of coronary artery
The HeartFlow Analysis is the only non-invasive technology to provide insight into both
the extent of coronary artery disease and the impact that disease has on blood flow to
the heart, enabling clinicians to select an appropriate treatment. The technology, which
first received de novo clearance from the FDA in 2014, is also available in Canada,
Europe and Japan, and has been used to guide the treatment of thousands of patients
“One of the benefits of HeartFlow’s cloud-based platform is that the technology utilizes
the data we receive from our global community of clinicians,” said Charles A. Taylor,
Ph.D., co-founder and chief technology officer of HeartFlow. “As the number of
HeartFlow patients grows, the HeartFlow Analysis continues to improve as we apply
deep learning technology to this vast set of data.”
Deep learning involves integrating multiple layers of nonlinear algorithms to help identify
patterns and improve understanding of the information. By applying deep learning to
large amounts of image data, HeartFlow has the potential to improve the performance
with future software releases to help physicians better manage patients with coronary
artery disease.
About HeartFlow, Inc.
HeartFlow, Inc. is a personalized medical technology company seeking to transform the
way cardiovascular disease is diagnosed and treated. The company’s HeartFlow FFRct
Analysis is the first available non-invasive solution that enables a physician to more
accurately evaluate whether a patient has significant coronary artery disease (CAD)
based on both anatomy and physiology. The solution, which produces a detailed
summary of flow dynamics and model of the patient’s coronary arteries, is well
positioned to become an integral part of the standard of care for patients who are at risk
for CAD because of its potential to improve clinical outcomes, improve the patient
experience and reduce the cost of care. The HeartFlow Analysis is available in the
United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. For more information visit
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